Digital Wholesale Insurance Collaboration

Giving Agents Access to an Advanced Carrier Platform to
Fit Your Clients' Needs
iBynd has built a resource that allows our independent agent partners to recognize real time transparent solutions. We have built an integrated advisor solution that supplies a gateway to Preferred National carries and a host of markets that cover many of the solutions for our partners and their customers. Our software integration and API’s create the connection for common views on products that matter.
Simply put — we are the bridge and the integrated advisor solution that help our partners realize what good looks like.
Whether you have a user experience that presents the options available to your agents or not we can create an environment that maximizes your ability to write insurance you could not previously transact on.
Seamless Environment
We give you the tools to reach the right match for the risks you represent and clear visibility into the status of your new business and renewal production.
Proprietary Technology
iBynd is a one of a kind solution that is set up to take advantage of its partners advanced offering or a partner that does not offer one. Our platform aligns itself with the partner and not their tech. We build solutions tailored to how you work.
iBynd's Proprietary and Integrated Platform
We've created an approach to the Commercial Insurance Universe from an entirely new perspective. We've created an enterprise wholesale solution that has one mission — to make the process of matching the right market to the right risk without barriers or roadblocks.
The outcome? A frictionless solution that maximizes agents' efforts and connects your clients to the best Carriers. A seamless integrated solution.