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How does iBynd simplify commercial insurance?

Two things make us different

We fixed common issues

Too much time, effort to get coverage

Outdated carrier technology

Costly system updates

Increasingly complex products

Producers not equipped to fill the void


iBynd's solution

Rate, quote, bynd in 5 minutes

Customized, state of the art, embedded platform

Quick and easy implementation and updates

Smart system matches risk to the right carrier

Business rules and producer dashboards built-in

We started with the carrier


At the center of our platform design is the drive for carrier, producer, and customer to all be happy with the rate, quote, bynd experience. With this in mind, we took a novel development approach. 


Carrier system requirements and risk appetite are unalterable, and we must meet them. Each carrier has their own specific requirements. So we started here.


  • Collect and deliver needed data

  • Transmit specified data in multiple behind the scenes API calls in the order required

  • Identify and send risks they want


We shook things up on the producer side, deviating from the norm to optimize ease of use and speed. A unique experience is created for each quote based on the characteristics of the customer.

  • Carrier appetite and business rules built in to identify risk-carrier match

  • Streamlined questions and Automated Intelligence (AI) for a fast, easy experience


We created a new experience for commercial insurance customers.

  • Rate, quote, bynd that used to take days or weeks now takes minutes

  • Streams of endless inquiries replaced by relevant questions tailored to each specific customer

  • Firm billing and documents accessed instantly at point of sale

The result is a bespoke experience for each risk on a rate, quote, bynd platform that is optimized for ease of use, speed, and carrier demand and also customized around carrier API specifications.

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