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Expand your business without lifting a finger.

Lever the business you are already in to give your customers more reasons to be loyal to you while expanding your revenue.

We leverage multiple technology solutions with both in-house and licensed technologies and focus our efforts where we can create the greatest opportunity to provide the precise and proper technology and Cyber Insurance solutions for your clients.


We look like you and we've never looked so good.

Using our proprietary software solutions, we have reinvented the way customers and agents can connect: the insurance products they need, when they need it, and with the carriers they need it from.  

iBynd has created a dynamic direct-to-bind solution for carriers to transact with agents and wholesalers platforms, enabling them to drive incremental digital expansion of insurance products and customer channels. 

The insurance solution that fits all.

With iBynd software-as-a-service (Saas), we are empowering companies with rate, quote and bind capability and thereby delivering new digital revenue channels for their respective product offerings. 


Embedded Integration

We have created a front end solution that has no face so we can make it whatever you want it to be.  We can mirror your overall User Experience or just your interface while completely customizing what your customer sees.


API Integration

Integrate our API with your own systems, giving direct access to our  Carrier Match Engine that powers our Rate Quote Bind Platform. Coupled with our integrated solution our interface is rooted in simplicity and allows for effortless transacting at every phase.



We can build customized tools to present our products to your customers in a way that fits your goals.  From Insurance Evaluations to Upsells to collaborative packages we can create the application that works for you.

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