Small Commercial Cyber Insurance

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One wrong click is all it takes, exposing confidential business files, hijacking your computer systems, risking your business to significant financial loss.
Founded by entrepreneurs who have run small and medium size businesses, we understand the challenges you face daily. We are committed to protecting your business from the vulnerability associated from losses caused by hackers, malware, employee digital error. These internal and external threats can be devastating to your business. With an iBynd Cyber Insurance policy your business is protected and covered against cyber risk.

iBynd’s core modal technology brings a fully-branded user experience for Cyber Liability that NEVER moves the customer away from the site that they are engaging with. Using this method iBynd has been able to create a fully integrated Rate-Quote-Bind-Pay end to end carrier connect platform that remains on the publishing affiliate site.  We deliver small commercial Cyber Insurance solutions without ever taking the customer away from the site they intended to be on.


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