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Our platform joins with partner websites.

iBynd's embedded commercial insurance platform joins with partner websites

iBynd's rate, quote, bynd platform digitizes the insurance process. Embedded on partner websites, iBynd makes commercial insurance easy to access from online locations that producers and customers already use. With little effort and resources, iBynd's partners embed the no code solution in less than 10 minutes. Updates are equally quick and simple, providing digital access to insurance from within the partner's very own website. 

Behind the scenes, carrier integrations & AI drive the process.

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Real time workflows that fit carrier appetite are built in.

iBynd's platform allows point of sale rate, quote, bynd of commercial insurance


  • Digital underwriting and quoting guided by intuitive interface 

  • Streamlined underwriting questions based on carrier business rules, product, and risk characteristics

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered underwriting speeds the process for everyone

iBynd's platform lets producers or customers quote quickly with firm rate at point of sale


  • Quoting is fast, price provided on screen within 5 minutes

  • Real time API calls yield firm underwriting acceptance decision, price, and policy billing options

  • Changes can be made live on screen during rate, quote or bind with immediate pricing updates

With iBynd, insurance carriers accept the policy in just minutes at the point of sale


  • Policies bound in realtime, billing, and documents available instantly

  • Secure, scalable platform is easy to update and powerful dashboards enable business management 

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Google Cloud and AWS ensure low cost scalability and secure data, including disaster recovery plans. Data is encrypted in flight while moving between networks as well as at rest in database


Proprietary dashboards empower partners, customers to view transactions in real time. In process quotes, bound policies, documents, payments and policy information available online

Let's continue our conversation

Carriers, MGAs, Wholesalers, and Affinity Partners are joining us to redefine embedded insurance with our rate, quote, bynd solution. Let us help you too.

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