February 5, 2024

iBynd’s Rate Quote Bind Platform Powers M.J. Hall’s Real Time Digital Commercial Insurance Offering

MJ Hall Powered by iBynd

iBynd’s Rate Quote Bind Platform Powers M.J. Hall’s Real Time Digital Commercial Insurance Offering

M.J. Hall & Company Insurance Brokers (M.J. Hall) and iBynd, LLC (iBynd) have teamed up to offer independent agents immediate ability to digitally rate, quote, and bind commercial insurance. Powered by iBynd’s proprietary platform, M.J. Hall’s agents can deliver policies to customers in as little as 5 minutes. The result is quick, easy access to coverage for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) who are time-strapped and want coverage and proof of insurance at the point-of-sale.

“iBynd’s solution is exactly what we needed to offer our agents what they want. With iBynd, we power agents to quote and bind a policy directly, supplying customers with a certificate of insurance in minutes,” said John Donahue, CPCU, President of M.J. Hall & Company Insurance Brokers. “Today’s customer demands solutions to make it easier to do business with insurance wholesalers. With iBynd, our agents can provide their small commercial customers with coverage they need now and let them get back to running their core business. With workers’ compensation and other commercial lines growing in need, iBynd allows us to scale our business with lower costs.”

iBynd leveraged deep integrations developed closely with commercial insurers to empower M.J. Hall agents to rate, quote, bind and manage business in real-time.

iBynd’s platform boasts built-in integrations crafted through careful collaboration with A-rated commercial insurance carriers and control panels to easily manage business. M.J. Hall’s implementation initially focuses on iBynd’s biBERK - a Berkshire Hathaway company offering, along with additional lines including Cover Whale trucking plus more planned to come.

iBynd’s sophisticated integrations with carriers drive major gains for M.J. Hall’s agents. Real time access to manage business includes streamlined, accurate quotes, producer control panel, and point-of-sale documentation. Security is a top priority with iBynd’s solution. Data is encrypted in flight and at rest in the database to ensure secure transactions, with data backups and disaster recovery also included.

“The implementation with M.J. Hall was a win all around. We leveraged existing carrier integrations, a core competency of iBynd’s platform, to provide M.J. Hall’s agents with a smooth, accurate rate-quote-bind process and simple, accessible business management,” said Phil Friedman, CEO of iBynd. “Our strong history with insurance carriers and wholesale distributors allowed us to quickly implement M.J. Hall’s instance and accelerate their agents’ success with digital delivery of A-rated insurance. We are thrilled to empower M.J. Hall with cost-saving advantages that differentiate them from competitors and save their agency base time and effort while also delivering big benefits and convenience to small and midsize commercial businesses.”