March 23, 2023

iBynd and Cowbell Team Up to Bring Coverage to the Sophos Community

New offering brings needed cyber security coverage to small and midsize cyber security customers

iBynd and Cowbell Team Up to Bring Coverage to the Sophos Community

iBynd and Cowbell have teamed up again. This time, they come together to offer coverage to the Sophos community. Sophos is a worldwide leader and innovator of advanced cybersecurity solutions. According to a Sophos study, attacks continue to increase in volume and complexity, and fewer insurance providers are offering coverage. In light of these challenges, Sophos is supporting the effort to make high quality cyber insurance from Cowbell accessible to small and midsize businesses via iBynd. 

Cowbell and iBynd together enable organizations to get a cyber insurance quote and instant coverage. Customers running Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Security will be able to ‘opt in’ to sharing their endpoint security health status from the Sophos Central platform with Cowbell using a new data connector.

This real-time data sharing will enable Cowbell to recognize the quality of Sophos customers’ defenses as part of their dynamic risk assessment process, facilitate the provision of real-time best practices feedback and advice for improvement, and optimize their Cowbell Prime 250’s cyber insurance premium.

This combined effort brings hassle-free cyber coverage, added protection, and data-based premium savings to the small and midsize business market.

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