January 12, 2023

Giving Agents & Brokers the Ability to Rate, Quote and Bind from Their AMS

iBynd's no code, embedded rate-quote-bind platform offered on InsuranceGIG provides agents and brokers with an easy, fast path to place comm

Giving Agents & Brokers the Ability to Rate, Quote and Bind from Their AMS

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ, January 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- InsuranceGIG and iBynd have teamed up to offer independent agents the ability to digitally rate, quote, and bind commercial insurance with ease from their agency management system. Powered by iBynd’s proprietary, embedded insurance platform, agents and brokers can rate, quote and bind a commercial insurance policy simply by selecting the customer in their agency management system, clicking the InsuranceGIG button and choosing iBynd from the marketplace.

“The sophistication of this solution cannot be overstated,” said Michael Lebor, CEO of InsuranceGIG. “The customer’s information that is resting in the agency management system is securely shared with iBynd’s system without any effort by the agent or broker. What’s more, with this solution, agents and brokers no longer need to manage multiple usernames and passwords in order to write business. All of this plus ability to rate, quote and bind a policy online in realtime in 5 minutes gives agents and brokers substantial advantages.”

                                  Together, iBynd and InsuranceGIG

                                       deliver powerful and effortless

                                time savings for agents and brokers


The result of the iBynd and InsuranceGIG effort delivers powerful time savings for agents and brokers. Producers are relieved of time-consuming data entry requirements, as the customer’s information that already exists in the agency system is used by iBynd to produce a fast rate, firm quote, and secure bind of commercial insurance policies.

Agents also enjoy not having to keep track of various usernames and passwords for the carriers they write. The iBynd connection with InsuranceGIG handles authentication securely, behind the scenes. Rather than spending their time juggling user credentials, iBynd enables producers to fill their work time with activities that help small and midsize business (SMB) customers insure their business. The combination of iBynd’s platform, commercial carrier integrations and single sign-on solution with InsuranceGIG’s marketplace drive powerful gains for agents. iBynd’s platform boasts built in integrations crafted through careful collaboration with commercial insurance carriers and InsuraceGIG. Sophisticated API integrations are the key to streamlined, accurate, and secure rate-quote-bind that saves time and maximizes service to agents, brokers, and customers.  “Agents and brokers continually ask for hassle-free, real-time transactions that empower them to help small and midsize businesses secure commercial insurance coverage quickly, and commercial customers increasingly demand insurance transactions that are completed at lightning speed,” said Phil Friedman, CEO of iBynd. “We are thrilled to partner with InsuranceGIG to deliver a solution that benefits agents, brokers, and customers, in today’s fast-paced world.”

About iBynd

iBynd is an insurance technology company licensed in 50 states. With a strong technical backbone, marketing experience and proprietary distribution solutions, iBynd makes it easy and fast to rate, quote and bind insurance online in real-time, delivering "A" rated insurance and peace of mind to clients and customers. The company was created by passionate insurance professionals, engineers, and marketing executives with one goal in mind: to combine insurance and technology to deliver a dynamic product that truly protects customers. Follow iBynd at https://www.linkedin.com/company/ibynd/.About InsuranceGIG

InsuranceGIG is an AppMarket designed to make buying and selling insurance technology faster, cheaper and with no risk. InsuranceGIG is positioned to become one of the top 10-20 platforms in the Insurance ecosystem that will establish and socialize the framework for collaboration across operations, technology, and data across multiple companies, across multiple lines of business. For more information, visit www.insurancegig.com


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